Our 32nd Season: 2018 – 2019

Discover our bold, authentic productions that will transport you to Europe and beyond.

Woman of No Importance

by Oscar Wilde (UK)

directed by Robert McNamara (US / DC)

Nov 5 – Dec 2, 2018

Scena Theatre presents the timeless power struggle between guys and gals. Only we've re-set this brazen play against the backdrop of 1930s Hollywood when Tinsel Town was both American and British. See cads, scoundrels and vixens battle over who’s "in" and who’s “out”. Hilarity and mistaken identities ensue as only Wilde an craft it. And magical acting and staging unfold as only Scena can present it. If you loved our gender-bender hit, The Importance of Being Earnest, you’ll relish this delicious play!

ATLAS Performing Arts Center, Lab I (1333 H St. NE, Washington, DC 20002)


U.S. Premiere!

by Michel Houellebecq (France)

directed by Robert McNamara (US / DC)

Previews: Jan 13, 15, 16 & 17

FULL RUN: Jan 18 – Feb 10, 2019

This jolting drama is the stage version of the best-selling novel in France, Italy and Germany, entitled Soumission (Submission). This play imagines a scenario where a Muslim political party, embracing Islamist and patriarchal values, manages to win the 2022 France presidential election with support of the Socialist Party. The play mixes fiction with real people—as Le Pen, François Hollande, François Bayrou, and Jean-François Copé and more appear as characters. The novel drew great attention because, by a macabre coincidence, it was released on the same day of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist shooting in France. Don't miss this spellbinding drama that reflects and ponders current global events.

ATLAS Performing Arts Center, Lab I (1333 H St. NE, Washington, DC 20002)


The Beckett Trio, Part 2

Ohio Impromptu | Come and Go | Catastrophe

Three Classics by Samuel Beckett (Ireland)

directed by Robert McNamara (US / DC)

April 1 – May 5, 2019

Indulge your heart and mind in three powerful classics by Nobel Laureate Samuel Beckett. Ohio Impromptu is the first Beckett drama to showcase a vivid character with a Doppelgänger on stage—a mirror image phantom who haunts the protagonist with memories and nostalgia. Come and Go is widely hailed as one of Beckett's most perfect plays. Here, three childhood friends reunite and reveal a series of secrets from the past that shock and surprise one another. And, Catastrophe is one of Beckett's only political works where a director and his assistant wrestle for control over directing a lone, uncomfortable actor on stage. This piece serves as an allegory for the power of totalitarianism and the struggle to resist.

ATLAS Performing Arts Center, Lab I (1333 H St. NE, Washington, DC 20002)


The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

written by Bertolt Brecht (Germany)

directed by Robert McNamara (USA / DC)

June 3 – July 15, 2019

See a fascinating "parable play" that aims to teach us all a life lesson—if we choose to learn it. The Resistible Rise chronicles the ascent of Arturo Ui, a fictional 1930s Chicago mobster, and his quest to control the cauliflower racket by ruthlessly taking out his opposition. This drama is a satirical allegory of the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany prior to World War II. Will power in this story go unchecked? You've got to see it to find out!

ATLAS Performing Arts Center, Lab I (1333 H St. NE, Washington, DC 20002)


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